What is a scort? | Guide to hire this service

Surely you have asked yourself more than one occasion, what is an escort? Unfortunately this service has been closely associated with prostitution,but the truth is that it has nothing to do with it.

When we talk about hiring a prostitute we refer to a purely sexual service. On the other hand, requesting the escort service includes distinguished attention and much more intimate dates.

Most of the luxury escorts are educated women with a wide vocabulary, so they are fully capable of holding a conversation about various topics. In addition, they are very attractive and sensual women, so they are often requested to accompany the gentlemen in various social events.

Would you like to know more about the services offered by escort girls? We tell you all the details below!


What is a scort?

Escorts are very attractive women who offer a service as company ladies. Which means that they can accompany the client to various social events.

And from a sexual point of view, they are women who are willing to fulfill intimate fantasies during the entire time they are in service. They not only focus on sex, but on intimate accompaniment, acting more like a couple.

Thanks to this, the experience offered by renting a company woman is much more pleasant. Well, for a good sexual dynamic to arise, there must be good communication, willingness and interest in satisfying the other.

While some seek the service of luxury escorts to be their partners at events, some request it to live impressive sexual experiences. Whatever the goal, it is a very attractive option, as well as being a service offered with great discretion.

Differences between company ladies and prostitutes

Hiring a luxury Scort is not the same as requesting the service of a prostitute. We present the key differences so you know how to differentiate between one service and another.

The price varies

The price of luxury Scorts is different from the price of hiring a prostitute. And the variation has to do with the fact that the escort offers a much more complete service adapted to the client’s preferences (intimate level and in relation to the events that require the presence of the Scort.)

Service orientation

To just have a sexual date, you can request the service of a prostitute. But, for those who wish to have a more complete experience that encompasses various intimate activities, the service of a Scort will be more adequate.

How to find the best luxury Scort?

Now that we have helped you define what an escort is, you surely want to know how to choose the best company lady. And because of the great competition around this topic, we present the following recommendations.

Search according to your location

Today the service of company ladies can be requested through the internet for various areas. For example, there are those who request an escort in Barcelona, ​​an escort in Platja de Aro, an escort in Girona, etc.

It is important that based on your location, you focus your search. Luckily, the best Scort agencies like Agatha Gold cover several areas, making the quality of the service reach many places in Spain.


Follow your wishes

Spending time with an escort means having very intimate dates that are synchronized with your tastes and preferences. However, as in any service, it is important to agree in advance what we want to do to guarantee that the escort is willing to comply with it.

Remember that there are ladies from companies for all tastes. While some may prefer a more sophisticated and romantic service, others may prefer a more ardent and permissive attention.

The diversity of tastes is totally respectable, but you have to take into account your priorities when choosing, this will allow you to have a unique experience that you will want to repeat.

Search with a Scorts agency

Some with the intention of reducing costs are interested in choosing an independent company lady. And although this could be a small saving, it is a risky and unprofitable option.

Remember that the Scorts agencies have a great preparation, and focus their services on offering the client a distinguished, adequate and above all, safe attention. If this is part of your priorities, it is best that you look for an escort agency.

In conclusion: What is a luxury Scort?

They are beautiful, intelligent women with dreamy personalities. These women offer a very complete service of attention, intimacy and sensuality without limits. And remember that it is a versatile service that is perfectly adapted to the client’s preferences.

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